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Grape varieties: Grillo - Catarratto - Inzolia

Alcoholic strength : 18% vol

Sugar residue: 10.50%.

Pairing : Excellent dessert wine especially with ricotta and dried fruit desserts; It goes well with the famous chocolate of Modica or with one of our excellent Belgian dark chocolates. Also to be also recommended as an aperitif with blue-veined cheeses, with a preference for Stilton cheese for the English touch, from Maison Sicile.


This wine is made from Late manual harvest of grillo grapes, therefore with high sugar content. During the fortification, which is the phase of the elaboration process where the type of Marsala to be obtained is defined, alcohol, mistelle and cooked must are added to the wine DOC base from grillo grapes, which gives it its sweetness and its intense amber color.  The aging process can then begin in oak barrels in which the wine is in contact with the air for many years, developing the characteristic oxidative bouquet.