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Sprezza, Bitter Gourmand Aperitivo

Sprezza is the gourmet bitter aperitif made with Nero d'Avola flavored with Sicilian bitter almonds. 

The almond wine, served by Sicilians to welcome important guests, has its origins in the early twentieth century on the northeast coast of Sicily, although it recalls a much older technique. Already during the Sicilian domination by the Greeks, it was customary to add ingredients such as almonds during the vinification process to bring particular flavors to the wines made on the island, but also to stabilize and preserve them.

In the purest respect of our philosophy of "Spirito Siciliano", we have given a new life to this elixir by proposing Sprezza, a unique aperitif, both bitter and greedy. Vinified and flavored in Sicily and then refined in our Kingdom to honor our attachment to our two countries and to reach a level of quality recognized by specialists.

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How to serve

Serve chilled with ice, alone or with sparkling water or tonic. Also delicious as a spritz.

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The perfect aperitif if accompanied by olives, nuts or any other snack.

The expert's opinion

" Sprezza expresses an exceptional combination: the Nero d'Avola for a velvety mouthfeel and its intense red color, and bitter almond for its delicate cherry aromas. Typical Sicilian herbs complete its gourmet palette and bring freshness. The bitterness is brought delicately by the gentian and gives it an incredibly long finish."

Brad Verbelen, sommelier at Senzanome (Brussels), 1 Michelin star