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Gran Vermouth MARSÀ from Maison Sicile is the world's first vermouth made from 100% Marsala Superiore DOC wine aged for over two years in oak barrels. Thanks to precise craftsmanship, we achieve a perfect balance between the secret dosage of spices and aromatic herbs and the noble amber wine of Marsala . This Sicilian marriage is inspired by the Byzantine influences and oxidative elegance of Marsala. The result is a product unique in the world, in a quest for sensuality, balance and depth.
75 cl. and Magnum 150 cl. / 18% vol. alc.

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How to serve

Serve chilled, with or without ice, on its own or with sparkling water or tonic. Also delicious as a Negroni or Gran Negroni, made with 3 cl of our Sprezza bitter gourmand, 3 cl of our Marsà Gran Vermouth and 3 cl of gin in a tumbler glass garnished with ice and a slice of blood orange. Delicious as a Grand Americano, if you want to drink something lighter, prepared exactly like a Negroni, but instead of gin, a little sparkling water is poured directly into the glass. Another variant of this cocktail is the Sbagliato Siciliano, in which, instead of gin, prosecco is added, filling the goblet.

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The perfect aperitif if accompanied by olives, seafood, cheeses or cold meats, as well as a variety of Sicilian antipasti.

The expert's opinion

"...The best vermouth I've ever tasted."

Dany Melchiorre, cellarman at Melchior Vins (Mons)