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Ready to experience Maison Sicile ?

We have taken care to develop innovative creations and to select rare products that are real alternatives to the classic consumption of the alcohol and spirits market. The Maison Sicile experience is a complete experience that covers all moments of consumption, from before to after meals, from aperitif to digestive, and that will take you to the 3 corners of the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean through unique know-how and exceptional products.

Spirito Siciliano

Sicily is a mythical island and a crossroads of several civilizations that have walked on its soil. Thus, the time of the Norman kings is an evocative example of this mixture of cultures, between the heritage of the Roman Empire, the influence of the Byzantine Empire and the Arab or Greek culture, among others. From all these influences, the Sicilians knew how to draw a strength and build a strong idea around them. We call this sense of synthesis and sublimation the "Spirito Siciliano" and we put it at the heart of our approach, which is to offer products of the highest quality, combining tradition and innovation.

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