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Maison Sicile is above all a family story that crosses borders. It is the story of a Sicilian family, in love with its island and its secular traditions, which emigrated to Belgium to work in the mines. Raised with respect for their origins, the children were all introduced to the products of the land and the vine, to traditional cooking, to botany and to spirits. They have also received a precious heritage: the Sicilian spirit, the "Spirito Siciliano", that gift of keeping the best of the various cultures and influences that have crossed the island in the course of history or that they have discovered in their adopted country, to sublimate it and draw the quintessence. In this sense, Maison Sicile claims to be a worthy heir of the Sicilian spirit and it is by applying this approach to the field of spirits that we elaborate original creations of very high quality, which express in a unique way the best of the richness of the Sicilian soil, its products and its know-how.

Our jobs

    We are above all true treasure hunters. We travel all over Sicily in search of passionate producers and exceptional products that we can sublimate in our creations. We crisscross the Sicilian lands in search of fragrances and flavors but also methods and know-how. This is our raison d'être: to offer an alchemy of expressions and unique characters to new products.
    We mature and refine some of our finds in our own cellars. Whether it is rare and ancient marsalas, a grappa coming out of a small owner's still or other little marvels distilled by a renowned Master Distiller, we let time do its work, sometimes in unexpected settings. We want to give ourselves the means to express at best the genius of nature and men.
    Worthy expression of the "spirito siciliano", the collection Maison Sicile is born from the blending of various productions and from the daring meeting between traditional products and eclectic methods. All of this is aimed at offering our customers a taste journey that cannot be found elsewhere, mixing and matching the infinite variations of terroirs, grape varieties and know-how.


To guarantee the excellence of our products to our customers, each stage of their creation involves recognised experts in the world of wine and spirits. Whether they are producers, distillers, merchants, restaurateurs or mixologists, from Sicily or elsewhere, we ensure that the alchemy of knowledge and know-how is brought together to offer an exceptional sensory experience to those who taste our products. What could be more beautiful for us than to pay tribute to the spirit of our land of origin, to the "Spirito Siciliano", and to adopt the motto of our host country, Belgium, "L'Union fait la Force".