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Grappa Amarois an exclusive product of Maison Sicile, an alcohol made from the art of distilling a single variety of grappa from Nerello Mascalese grape marc that ripens on the slopes of Mount Etna and a unique alchemy of typical Sicilian herbs. 100% natural and without added sugar. Punto basta. 50 cl. / 35,5% vol. alc.

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At room temperature.

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With a piece of dark chocolate after a good meal.

The expert's opinion

"On the nose, a beautiful aromatic complexity, notes of caramel, carob and bay leaf. In the mouth, a beautiful roundness, notes of roasted coffee, cocoa, followed by the spicy side of carob and ending with a nice acidity in the finish. The Grappa Amaro is a magnificent product out of the ordinary, with an aromatic complexity that does not leave indifferent. The promise is largely fulfilled."

Brad Verbelen, sommelier at Senzanome (Brussels), 1 Michelin star


Grappa Amaro is the product of an eruption of Mount Etna. Its region has a high fertile potential thanks to the lava flows that bring unique and essential nutrients to the crops. This is why gastronomes and perfumers from all over the world come here to find exceptional flavors and scents and why Sicilians themselves affectionately call the volcano "Mamma Etna". It is from this unique land that a product is born that is just as unique: Grappa Amaro A unique and subtle blend of which Maison Sicile holds the secret. Its base is a single-variety grappa made from Nerello Mascalese grape marc, grown on the slopes of the volcano, and distilled with macerated wild herbs from the Sicilian mountains.


The history of our Grappa Amaro is intimately linked to the history of Sicily but especially to the history of its diaspora throughout the world. The island has known very strong periods of emigration, the first wave of which began at the end of the 19th century and reached its peak at the beginning of the following century. America, and New York in particular, was the destination of choice for many young Sicilian families looking for a better life in Little Italy.

Our family is one of the many Sicilian families that have emigrated to the four corners of the world. But ours has a particularity: our grandfather, a Master Distiller who remained in the country, sent his Grappa Amaro to his immigrant relatives. This product was the real "madeleine de Proust" of these expatriates who thus found the tastes and the perfumes of their island.


This precious link was jeopardized during the period of prohibition linked to the consumption of alcohol in North America between 1920 and 1933. Our grandfather therefore had to resort to the ingenious trick of passing off the product as medicine in an apothecary's bottle: the Grappa Amaro bottle was born. He had even added a dosage, "Prima e Dopo", i.e. one dose before and one after meals. The notion of aperitif and digestive was respected!

Grappa Amaro sour
Grappa Amaro sour

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