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Supergrappathe art of approaching grappa from another angle

For decades, grappa was little more than a form of pocket heater for the farmers of northern Italy. The trendiest Italians and most foreign gastronomic experts disdained it. Until the day when, still in the north, genius distillers, respecting the tradition, revolutionized the whole production process to create exceptional grappa. Thanks to our Sicilian land, our unique native grape varieties, the know-how of our distillers, our Sicilian traditions, the sense of innovation rooted in our Spirito Siciliano, we bring, day after day, our original and unusual contribution to the development of grappa in Italy and in the world, so that it finally takes the place it deserves alongside world-renowned spirits.

a masterpiece

For our SuperGrappa, we look for the oldest Sicilian autochthonous grape varieties, most of them in danger of extinction, to distill their marc separately and make exceptional single-variety grappas. 

Mostly white and therefore young, our SupergGrappa captures the original aromas of the grape variety and fermentation at the moment of their full development.

We operate a batch distillation in a water bath using a copper steam still modified by our Master Distiller and gently heated over a wood fire to control temperatures.

The distillation process takes place slowly to allow the volatile components to evaporate properly and condense, while keeping the precious organoleptic characteristics of the grapes intact. The distillate obtained is matured for 6/6 to 8 months in stainless steel tanks and can then undergo further maturation in oak barrels, terracotta amphoras or glass jars for a period of time ranging from a few months to several years. The maturation can be completed in bottles for 4 to 6 months before being presented on the market.

Zibibbo Assoluta

SuperGrappa produced in single-variety with marc of Zibibbo or Muscat of Alexandria an ancient aromatic white grape variety originating in Egypt that was brought by the Phoenicians to Sicily. Zibibbo is one of the oldest Sicilian vines cultivated in the west of the island in the region of Trapani or on the island of Panteleria. The climate of the region is Mediterranean with mild winters with limited rainfall, very hot and windy summers. The soils are of volcanic, sandy and clayey origin.

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How to serve

To taste grappa at its true value, it should be done when it is cold. At a temperature around 10° or 11°. That's why it is often recommended to keep it in a cool place. In addition to that, you should also know that the choice of the tasting glasses is essential. A fine crystal tulip glass will allow you to appreciate the color of the drink even more. Our Supergrappa are also the perfect ingredient for mixologists in search of new spirits to propose exceptional cocktails and make the difference.

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Fruit and grappa at the end of a meal is a classic pairing. Fresh fruit (peaches, pears, apples, pineapple, berries) pairs well with a young, fragrant grappa.