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when British elegance meets Sicilian passion

Ten botanicals go into the making of our gin, each carefully selected for its aromatic properties.

The first notes come from green mandarin, citron and juniper, transporting you to the gardens of Palermo and the Conca d'Oro, the surrounding fertile plain with its citrus groves.

They open the way to a whole universe of Mediterranean aromas, from delicate notes of red fruit to the delicate mint flavors typical of Sicilian gastronomy.

50 cl / 40% vol. alc.

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How to serve

Our gin reveals its full aroma between 4 and 8°C. So serve chilled, either neat over ice or in a cocktail.

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Gin is a surprisingly versatile drink when it comes to pairing it with food. As you'd expect, it goes fabulously well with many savory dishes, such as charcuterie and smoked fish, but what's perhaps more surprising is that it can also be a very good friend to sweet foods such as ice cream and fruit.